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Leading with Passion

There is possibly nothing more dispiriting than a leader who is "phoning it in."

A half-hearted approach to leading can spread a spirit of mediocrity and malaise throughout a team or organization.

But, the leader whose approach is wholehearted, who shows a passion for the work, the people, the possibilities and the results, is a spark plug for excellence and energy.

The Work Leaders with passion believe in what they are doing. They are "all in" for the mission and purpose of their organization. They find meaning in what they and others are doing and they inspire others to take pride in their contributions.

The People Passionate leaders care deeply for the people they work with. They appreciate them, invest in them, show interest and concern for them, and have genuine regard for people.

The Possibilities Leaders with passion are unsatisfied with satisfactory. They are often restless, looking for improvements, opportunities and innovations. And, they challenge others to do the same,

The Results Passionate leaders bring energy, focus and persistence to achieving results. They are sometimes relentless in their pursuit of achievement and excellence and drive themselves and others over the finish line.

Leading with passion at its heart is commitment and caring. It is genuine caring about the work and the people. It is commitment to discovery and innovation. And it is the energy, focus and persistence to achieve results.

And, Passionate Leadership is contagious. It inspires pride, regard, exploring ideas and driving for results. It inspires others to contribute wholeheartedly, creating a culture of energy, commitment and excellence.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Have you worked with a leader who was "all in?" Describe what that looked like.

  2. What would a leader who "cares deeply" for his or her people convey that?

  3. Have you worked with a leader who was "unsatisfied with satisfactory?" How did that leader engage you and others in exploring ideas?

  4. Drive, persistence and relentlessness can be valuable in achieving results. How does a leader temper too much of a good thing?

  5. What are the implications of this for leaders? For you?

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