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Restoring Humanity to Human Enterprise: Instilling, Calling Forth and Exemplifying the Best of the Human Experience

Nancy Dering Mock

Welcome to our blog designed to address the challenges of making things happen with people, while drawing on the very best of what it means to be human.

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The Story

Some people watch sports. Others watch people. I watch people engaged in human enterprise. For over forty years, I have been fascinated by how human beings come together to make things happen. This blog is a reflection of my observations, glimpses and insights. It is designed to stimulate and provoke. To stir you to challenge your assumptions about human enterprise and coax you to lead in ways that celebrate the very best of the human experience.

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Champion of Dignity

Dignity is not a word often connected with workplaces. Yet, the ideals of self-respect, self-determination and self-reliance shed light...

Unraveling or Knitting?

Much has been written about the unraveling of human connections. As more and more people work in isolation, both physical and emotional,...


When organizations and their people drift from the vision for a better future, employees can feel rudderless. When leaders focus more on...


Leaders don't deliberately create work climates unfit for peak performance. They and most everyone in an organization wants a workplace...

The Crucible

Have you noticed that human endeavor almost always starts with high expectations, and optimism? But, despite our good intentions and best...

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